Air Dragon

Uh oh, you’re running late and you’ve got another flat tire! You need Air Dragon, the easiest way to fill your tires. Just plug Air Dragon into your car’s 12-volt outlet, check your tire’s PSI, fill your tires, and you’re safely on your way. Air Dragon takes the guesswork out of overfilling or underfilling your tires. The easy to read pressure gauge always shows you when you’ve reached the perfect pressure. Keep Air Dragon in your car for on the go use whenever your tires are running low. The Air Dragon has the power to fill up all kinds of tires. Say goodbye to waiting for roadside assistance and do it yourself instead with Air Dragon.

  • 12-volt power adapter plugs right into your car
  • Programmable pressure gauge makes sure you don’t over-inflate
  • Portable and fits in your trunk
  • Fills your cars tires with air
  • Includes adapters to fill balls and other inflatable objects