Star Shower Slide Show

With Star Shower Slideshow™ decorating your home has never been easier! Pick the slide you want to use, insert it into the unit, and watch it play. Engineered with Easy Slide Technology, it’s an explosion of light and colors. Watch your slideshow in three speeds – choose from slow, fast, and freeze settings. Plug it in, insert a slide, and watch your home come to life! A super-efficient motor coupled with bright LED lights allows holiday images to dance over your home. With a water-resistant casing and extra-long stake, Star Shower Slideshow™ is safe in snow and rain. The indoor base allows you to create festive interiors – perfect for apartments, basements, recreation halls, or anywhere you want to celebrate.

  • Sets up in seconds
  • Perfect for any Holiday Occasion
  • Covers Your Home with Dazzling Designs Instantly
  • Water Resistent