Woof Washer is a Dog & a Man’s Best Friend!

PoochWe all know that grooming your dog can be a challenge, but, washing your pooch – well, that can be one heck of a pain. He hates when you hose him down and you hate holding him down while he shakes the suds and water all over you. Luckily, we at TeleBrands are in the business of coming up with solutions that make life a whole lot easier and we declare that Woof Washer is here to the rescue. You want a sparkling clean dog who actually enjoys getting washed? Then listen up…

Just connect Woof Washer 360 to your hose, add shampoo, slip the hoop over your dog and turn on. The soap and water instantly mix, creating a sudsy solution to scrub your pup clean, from head to tail. Your dog will be shampooed and rinsed in under one minute. The secret is in the 360 degree design that allows for a ring of water to jet gently around your dog for 360 degrees of clean. Easily control the water pressure to your dog’s liking with the pressure control handle. Woof Washer 360 lets dogs of all sizes get 360 degrees of clean.

Clean dog, problem solved and it was easier than you even ever imagined. Your dog will love bath time again with Woof Washer 360. CLICK HERE for all the info you need >