Infomercial Addiction? But Wait There’s More…

OpusPeople watch the great Anthony Sullivan do his TV pitch and think, “Wow, that British guy seems like a terrific gent. I think my whole family needs that amazing product thingy that does everything but cure the common hangover. And even that’s not out of the question! I don’t care what it costs, I want that stuff to show up in a corrugated box at my front door in 72 hours, darn it! I’ll pay the additional charges, just get it here NOW!!!“

Professional pitchmen are amazingly good at their craft and infomercials can be extremely addicting. Opus the Penguin from the comic strip, Bloom County was an admitted addict when it came to late night commercials. But penguins are no different than humans and the desire to own the PedEgg Powerball that scrapes dead skin from your webbed feet, is enormous. Phrases like, “But Wait, There’s More” and “For only $19.95!” have become synonymous and parodied to death in American pop-culture. Saturday Nite Live’s Dan Aykroyd had us all in stitches with his Super Bass-o-Matic 76, as Lorraine Newman took a sip of the chunky swill and said,“Wow, that’s great bass!”

The question often comes up, “Do we really need any of this stuff?” Well, if you think about it, all we really need is food, clothes and shelter. But then I read all about the easiest new way to wash your dog and I had to order the Woof Washer 360! When I saw Cathy Mitchell making sinfully delicious, easy to make  meals, I had to order the RedCopper Pan. Recipe Book! And when I see how easy it is to use Laser Bond USA, you can bet it’s gonna show up on my doorstep!

So the question remains… Are YOU addicted to the Infomercial? If so, would you like to know if there is a cure?

Dang… the good folks here at TeleBrands certainly hope not!

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